Power Features

Hygiene Features

Technology Features

Convenience Features


Power Features
Electrically powered though a battery.
Does not consume any electricity. Convenient manual operation.
Electrically powered using standard power outlets (220 Volts 50 Hz).
Option of using AC 220 Volts or 6 Volts rechargeable battery (good for 2-3 months for normal usage before recharge).
Special technology to generate power through water flow from flushing.
Hygiene Features
Hands-free cleaning for a rear wash.
Hands-free cleaning for ladies' front wash.
Nano-Silver coating on the nozzle.  
Special pump generates air bubbles in the water stream to provide a gentle cleansing action for sensitive skin while reducing water consumption.
Pulsating wash cycle for effective cleansing and stimulation of blood cells in the anal region.
Air is circulated through an active carbon filter which helps remove unpleasant odors leaving the air smelling fresh and clean.
Press a button to automatically change the wrap-around seat cover to a hygienic fresh one.
Nano-Silver balls ensure water is cleaned. MF filter for the water filtration is adapted to prevent skin irritations.
Easy to clean hardened stainless steel nozzles resist soiling thus eliminating bacterial growth and providing ultimate hygiene and cleanliness.
Filters out any water borne particles and matter, giving you a clean and hygienic wash.
Ensures accurate cleaning coverage for both male and female users.
Soft yet powerful water wash for added cleansing to assist in bowel movement especially during constipation.
Removes chlorine and dirt particles from the water ensuring clean and hygienic wash.
Technology Features
The unit goes to power-save mode automatically when it is not in use for 30 min.
A LED on the bidet seat flashes with the sound of an alarm if a problem is detected. The light configurations provide a diagnosis of the problem.
The nozzle automatically cleans itself with a flow of water before the user starts the wash.
The bidet functions get activated by the seat sensor only when the user sits on the seat thus protecting against inadvertent use of the bidet.
Provides quiet and constant water pressure for effective washing.
Hydraulically controlled smooth and silent seat closure thus protecting the seat from banging down or damaging.
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On the press of a button the bidet unit can be detached from the WC and easily re-attached when required. Helpful for cleaning, repairs,and transportation.
Convenience Features
Separate cold and hot water inlets with a mixer to provide a comfortable warm water wash.
Instant heating system that is power efficient (Reduces power consumption by 60% compared to conventional storage tank systems) and provides you with an instant warm water wash.
Lets the user control water pressure according to his or her comfort level.
Separate nozzles located in back and front of bidet for optimal cleaning of the posterior and anterior (for ladies) regions.
Lets the user control the nozzle positions for more precise cleaning.
High quality seat integrated with a bidet system to provide two-in-one comfort and cleaning.
Automatically adjusts all settings to low levels for safe and comfortable cleaning for children.
Drains out the cold water in the pipeline so that you experience a warm water wash.
Allows water temperature to be adjusted according to your comfort level.
A soft LED light that provides adequate visibility of the bidet in the dark.
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Warm air to help you dry up after wash, leaving you clean and refreshed.
Easy to use large raised buttons for control of all bidet functions and features. Intuitive and smart design.
Warms up the seat for comfort in cold weather.
Nozzle moves back and forth for a massaging effect to stimulate the blood cells in the anal region.
Saves and presets bidet control settings for up to 4 users.