Evolve to a smarter Toilet Culture:
Just like being in shape and eating healthy is really important, so is the way we clean ourselves after toilet. For centuries we have been using water to cleanse our bodies, but bidets present a much smarter solution to this basic need.

Healthy & HygienicHands-free = Germs-free. When you use your hands to clean there is a very high probability that you could be a carrier of some of the most dangerous diseases like Hepatitis, Typhoid, Cholera, Diarrhea, Gastroenteritis etc. With Hygiclean auto wash bidets, you don’t have to use your hands at all, just press a button or turn a knob to enjoy a thorough cleaning experience.

Comfort & ConvenienceThe bidet’s special retractable nozzle automatically generates a jet of water that is angularly aimed to clean the posterior and anterior (female) regions on the press of a button or turn of a knob while you sit in comfort. Our models come with a variety of features to suit multiple users; an aerated bubble wash for gentle cleansing, deodorizer to remove any foul odors, instant warm water for cooler climates, a warm air dryer to refresh you and a warm seat for added comfort, and many more.

Benefits EveryoneAdjustable functions and controllable features of our products suit everyone’s personal needs. Most of our bidets are especially suited for women with a special nozzle for cleansing of their anterior (front) region which is also extremely beneficial for staying hygienic during menstruation. The easy to use features and functions help provide seniors and children independence and control over their own hygiene and cleanliness.

Medical BenefitsEspecially suited for people with loss of mobility who find it frustrating and difficult to perform everyday functions. Our bidets help the physically challenged regain comfort and dignity by having control over their own cleaning experience. The soothing aerated wash benefits people suffering from hemorrhoids, irritable bowel syndrome and Chron’s disease, and the enema wash for those suffering from constipation.

Dry ToiletsMugs and water faucets create water spillage and result in wet and messy toilets. Our bidets don’t let any water spill outside the WC as the spray is from within it, resulting in dry and hassle-free maintenance for your toilet.

PortabilitySome of our models are lightweight and compact, making it easy to carry them on travel. Now enjoy hands-free cleaning anywhere you go!

Eco-friendlyOur bidets reduce water usage by 75% compared to mugs or faucets. They also eliminate the need for toilet paper which contributes to felling of many trees and uses water in its manufacture not to mention the multitude of harmful wastes. Make the smart and sustainable choice – stop water and paper wastage today!

SavingsSave on expensive toilet paper and unnecessary water consumption. Hygiclean autowash bidets elimate the need of using toilet paper and help you save 20.7 litres of water per day as a family. Our products are also available in a range of prices to suit every pocket.

Easy InstallationNo special plumbing required – our products can be easily installed on to any existing or new WC (commode).

StylishAll our products enhance the look of your toilet with cutting-edge and contemporary designs and quality that you can see and truly feel.

Space SavingHelps you combine your regular WC with the functions and capabilities of a bidet auto-wash without using any additional space in your toilet.